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Make Sure Your Stonework is Properly Installed

Have a professional install your stone with care

Stone installation needs to be done with care and precision. If the work is sloppy or rushed, the results can come out looking sloppy or unstable. Select Stone Service takes the time to get the installation right, ensuring that you'll never have to worry about the installation falling apart.

Select Stone Service can transport any size stone to your site. We'll transport and install the stone safely and take the time needed to put the finishing touches on the installation. Reach out to us right away for more information.

5 reasons you should choose Select Stone Service

Maybe you want stonework for your custom fireplace; or perhaps you're installing a granite slab on your boardroom table. Whatever the project may be, you can count on Select Stone Service to do the job right.

Here are the top five reasons to hire Select Stone Service for your stone installation:

  1. Our services are affordable, and we'll work with you on pricing.
  2. We take the time to level the stones and apply proper adhesive.
  3. We use specialized equipment to transport and install your stone.
  4. We'll take care of the job from start to finish.
  5. We bring nearly two decades of hands-on experience to every job.

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