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Are There Cracks or Chips in Your Stone?

Hire us for quality stone repair services

When you get a chip or a crack in your stone, getting it repaired quickly should be a priority. Putting off the repairs can make the problem worse; you could even injure yourself on jagged edges. Select Stone Service has the experience necessary to repair your stonework quickly and efficiently.

We can work on any type of stone, and we'll be glad to take care of everything from simple fixes to complicated replacements. We can provide repair services even if your stone installation was done by a different contractor. Call us today to inquire about our stone repair services.

Why you should get your stone repaired immediately

Even if repairing chips or cracks in your stone doesn't seem like a pressing issue, there are good reasons to call Select Stone Service right away.

Here's why quick repair work might be necessary:

  • A crack or a chip could be dangerous and lead to injury.
  • The damage could get worse, making the surface unfixable.
  • Cracks and chips will distract from the elegant look of your stone fixture.

Select Stone Service can return your stone to its original beauty. Reach out to us today to schedule a free consultation and estimate.